Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015...Yellowstone and the 4th of July!

Yellowstone Week...
Hello :) I missed emailing you this last week too!!

Okay Yellowstone was amaaazing!!!! I loved loved loved it!!!!!  It was just sister V and then our STLS :)

Things have changed.  Vargas is now in Pocatello... and my new comp is great!! Ella es de la ciudad de Mexico!! And she has been helping me with my Spanish toooons!!! She said that my accent is super good!!! Made me super excited... she said I don't sound like some white person hahah so thats good!

Awww.. take lots of pictures of the 4th of July party!!! I am jealous I will be missing out!!.... Side note: today we only get a three hour Pday because we get a full pday for the 4th!! I'm talkin not just from 10-6 but from 6:30 to 11!!!! We get to go watch the fireworks too, which are like a "thing" here, its crazy. The guy who does it owns Meleluka and he spends like 4 million every year... there is music and everything. (Look it up) I am pretty sure the beginning will be like Corvallis's finale...!!!!!!! So excited!!!!
Anyway, our investigators are doing good!! (we are actually going with Mikayla and her fam to go see the fireworks so we are super super excited!!)
Sorry I don't have like any time!!.. I will probably email Saturday though since we can!!

4th of July Week...
This weeks was a little crazy for us too!! The beginning of the week was just normal missionary stuff mixed with lots of meetings with our Zone leaders and District leaders and theeennn on Friday we got to meet the new President!!!! Oh my goodness they are fantaaastic!!! They are both a little "younger" and he is HUGE. Suuuper tall  and then Sister Hancock is shorter than I am. They are the cutest everrr!! Sister Hancock reminds me toons of Karen Hein...actually,  they kind of talk the same and do some of the same things. She is just adorable. They are super funny too. I'm super excited!!! We all got like 30 seconds to talk with him personally too. It was super cool.

The 4th!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh we had soooo much fun!!!!!! We didn't end up sleeping in at all, hahah. Instead,  we got up early and had breakfast at Mikaylas house. And then we headed into Idaho Falls and got there by 8:30 so that we could be a part of the Parade!!!!!!! There were a whole bunch of missionaries walking in it and we got to throw out-- well not "throw" cuz apparently that's not allowed anymore--but drop/hand out candy!!!! It was so funny to see people start screaming for us and stuff.

 Sister Wilemon was there and we got to see a few investigators we had including Jesus!! After the Parade we got some lunch and then headed to a stake center to watch Big Hero 6!!!! Then we took a trip to Target and Down East and then Sister Fermoso and I took off for the Chuckars Baseball game!!! (Pretty much like a knights baseball game). The Chuckars ended up chunking it,  buuuut there were tons of Missionaries there and we had a lot of fun :) We had to be home by 10:30 so we saw some fireworks on our way home buuut not too many. It was kind of a downer, but I crashed as soon as we got home.

Yesterday it was back to the regular routine! Lots of church and meetings annnd members canceling on us to come out with us, hahah. And  then we had a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!! A return missionary said he could come out with us at last second and we were knockin' lots of doors and not getting anything until we saw Sidney!!!! We had a bomb lesson on the Book of Mormon and then....... WE SET A DATE WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I have never met anyone else who is so prepared!!!! She told us "Yeah! You know I have actually been thinking a lot about that and I have already seen the blessings that the church has brought and I really want that for my kids as well as myself! I really just want to learn more and I think its the least I could do to give back to you and our Heavenly Father you know?"....... Haha... uhmm... excuse me!?!? She is pretty much just jumping in the font!!!! AHHHH we are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any way that's our huge news for this week so lots of prayers for her and her daughter Reyna please!!!!!!

Love you love you!!!

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