Monday, May 25, 2015

Jun. 25, 2015

Okay, so this week has been awesome!! Okay, so day by day here we go!!!
Okay,  so yesterday was a miracle day!! So,  it started off at 5:30 because we had a meeting out in Firth at 6:30 a.m. (Firth is like a good 15-20 minutes away... depending on if you get caught behind someone because NO ONE speeds here!!). But, we had that and then we were meeting with our Spanish Branch ward mission leader at 9 am. Afterwards we ran home to eat breakfast/plan and then we headed back for the Spanish branch at 11. We left there a little early so we could make it to the last half of sacrament for our 4th ward, then had class and then went to 8th ward sacrament. The librarian saved our behinds and made us tons of copies of a flyer we need to hand out for a  missionary activity on June 7th and then we headed home to lunch and then out to see people!! 
Lots of doors didn't open  but one that we have tried like 10000000 times did!!!! 1st miracle!! 
Then 2nd miracle we were in the car and we were about to go try a door and we both kind of just sat there... and sat there... and then our phone rings and it was some random guy who said he just got back from a Spanish speaking mission and he wanted to know if we needed anyone to come out with us! What?! It was crazy!! And we didn't have anyone since everyone else bailed for the weekend! 
Anyway we had a supes awesome dinner with a member of the branch (who is actually the father of the husband of our favorite family in Idaho Falls that we ate with every Monday!!) Then we met up with (don't remember his name) and we tried a few houses and no luck. We both felt like we needed to go visit a freshman named Mikayla (mom is super less active and she, Mikayla, hasn't been baptized) annnnd it was the 3rd miracle of the day!! Maybe 5 minutes after we got there, her friend walked in. Her friend is super less active too and we had the most amazing conversation with them!! Her friend came in and was all 'yeah, I am not attending church because I chose it.'  But we got to talking and then it changed to ' well, I  am just seeing what a break  from the church is like, I will probably come back eventually.... I know that the church is true and its what I need in my life.' She just shared some things that sounded just like me. We opened up and kinda just cried it out! In her prayer before we left she thanked Heavenly Father for us being there at the right time and for the things that we shared and that she learned..... BEST NIGHT EVER!!!

Okay Saturday: Normal morning and early afternoon but we had pretty much every door open that we knocked on!! And then the skies opened up and lighting was striking like crazy and it started pouring sheets of rain and hail out of nowhere!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! (There has probably been lightning 5 out of 7 days this week!!! )  And that night we had Brother Phelps come out with us and he showed us to some new people we had no idea existed!! They were super awesome and super friendly and one (who was a LARC) showed up to church on Sunday!!

Friday we saw this family who lives out in the middle of nowhere... and I mean like... nowhere... we probably drove a half an hour out into the hills and then there was just this group of three houses randomly on the side of this hill!!! It felt so weird out there!!! But they had a horse and a dog and newborn kittens!!!!!.. and like 4 cows!!!! It was so fun!

Thursday we had weekly planning.... yaaaaay!!!! Three and a half hours of planning for your week!!! :) But we make it fun!

Wednesday we had a zone meeting because it was transfers and (Sister Vargas and I are staying together!!) but we got a new zone leader and a new district leader!! Our district leader is the bomb dot com. He is super funny and he always talks in an Asian accent.... he says he is allowed to do that because he has an Asian sister.

Tuesday night we went to a mutual in Firth and we helped out with human foosball and hungry hippos and then we shared a thought about missionary work with them and it was suuuper awesome and the spirit was so so strong!! Then we got like a thousand referrals after from all the leaders who were there.... GO MEMBER TRUST YEAH!!

Monday was filled with butterflies and rainbows! And a trip to the stake center to have a zone picture before we had people leave.

Sunday (I forgot) I gave a talk in the Spanish branch!! First talk in Spanish!! Our Branch President called us after because I had done it all in Spanish and he was all surprised.. it was pretty funny! (not saying my Spanish was good or anything hah! It was probs pretty rough...) :)

AND SATURDAY!!!! I forgot this too!!! One of our investigators from Idaho Falls got baptized!!! Sister Wilemon called us and was all freaking out so Sister Vargas and I went to it at 7 that night!!! AHHH!!! It was so cool!! She pretty much called up the Elders and decided the night before that she wanted to be baptized!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!..... her name is Mikayla :)

AHHH!! Okay so yeah basically Heavenly Father loves us and this week was amazing and we are currently at a members house emailing because the library is closed annd just people are awesome!!!!

Love you all!

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