Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015...Shelley/Firth

May 18th, 2015

This week has seemed to fly by for us here. Honestly we have been doing lots of organizing of the area still. We were all challenged by our mission president to contact all of the auxiliary leaders in the different wards that we had and so we got an overflow of referrals and so we did loooots of contacting this week!! We have met some incredible people. 

Quick update on the people we have been seeing!: 
The Chavez family!!! : So they have been being taught now for awhile. Like, kind of a long time. Manuel and Adriana have a little boy Dominic and Adriana is about to have twins in August!! Crazyy!! They were being taught by Sister Wilemon and Sister Tapia before us. They haven't been to church in like 3 months though. They know everything is true and they have fantastic testimonies they just don't feel like they are ready.. -_- But they have a date for May 30th!!

Toni!!!!: Toni was a miracle. He was a referral we had and we happened to catch him at a perfect time!! He has only been in the US for about 6 months (he is from Peru). When we met him he was super open to us and he was all..."Wait, so whens church?" annd "When are you coming back?", and "Here are the times that you can come and see me."... crazy!!! But "sad face" he didn't come to church this Sunday so he needs some prayers too!

The Mendoza family!: Okay so the Mendoza family is a little different but could totally be golden. Their son (Edgar)  is 21 and got baptized 2 years ago and he is super super active and loves the church. The rest of his family are non members. His little sister is 13 and wants to be baptized buuuut her parents aren't for it annnd the older sister we met also during a miracle moment. (okay back up gotta tell this story). 

So,we were out with a member who got back from her mish a couple months ago and ohhh my gosh she loooves talking. So we were outside of this house for probably like a half an hour trying to go knock on the door but not being able to end the conversation!! Finally we found no one was home and moved on the Edgar's house (at this point we hadn't met him or his fam and knew nothing about them). Right when we were pulling up another car pulled up and his older sister got out. She was just dropping her sons birthday present off at her parents house to hide it quick, but she stopped and talked with us and told us how she had so many questions about the church and how she just worried that she bugged her brother too much AND how she knew he made a right choice and if she knew more she would want to make the same choice too!!! Whaaat??..... So yeah, I had to do some repenting cuzz I totally was upset with our member buut if she hadnt talked for a half an hour we would have missed his sister!

Any way random bits!!! 

Love love love you!!!!!!! 

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