Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015...Idaho Falls

Hola mi madre!!!! Como esta?? Te amo mucho!!!

First, I love the day to day reports. They may seem boring to you but they are perfect!! (They are probably my most favorite thing to read.  It makes me feel like I am there just a little :)

Okay so pday is looking pretty good today! Other than emailing and shopping.. and laundry (which we do in our house) we are going to have a multi zone activity at 3! I don't know what we are doing but it sounds fun! I haven't been to something with multiple zones yet so I am excited! Also we got a text this morning from our zone leaders saying that the AP's called them and said that our zone (number wise) has been the most successful zone this month!!!! Crazy!!!

Things are so nice. We have our own little house that kind of reminds me of the grey house actually! But its green. Its got a lot of character.. tiny kitchen.. bathroom.. squeaky floors.. the works! We don't really have any neighbors.  It's kind of hard to explain, but there are some trailers across the street! hahah :) 

The horses!!! Hahah sister Wilemon and I didn't like doing our three hours of weekly planning inside so one day we decided we were going to find somewhere that we could see the mountains! We found a church building about 5 minutes from our house with that view, plus the bonus of horses.. so that was our weekly planning spot :)

I will try and do a day by day for you too!! :)

Sunday: Studies till 10:00 and then we had Branch correlation at 10:15 till 11. Then we ran back home and had lunch before church at noon. The Spanish Branch works backwards because there is an English ward that they combine classes with for the youth. So, first is Sunday school, then relief society and then sacrament! One of our investigators came too! Her name is Diana and she is dating a member who actually served his mission here (but he has kinda gone off the charts) She has a Baptismal date for May 9th!!

Saturday: We had 24 hour exchanges with our STL (sister training leaders). Sister Afeakhi came to our area and I went with Sister Milius to their area. Sister Milius and I had VC in the afternoon, but they had gotten a call that one of their previous investigators was getting baptized at 10:00 that day. So we did a quick exchange back (since Sister pulido and afeakhi were in the VC) for that time.

 During that time we had a youth conference come through the VC and the other pair of sisters were supposed to be covering with a presentation but they got sick! So, Sister Pulido and I scrambled to find some videos to put a presentation together! It went great and afterwards a lot of them came up and said thank you and shook our hands. Then they took a picture and called us out to be in it :) 

After we exchanged back, Sister Milius and I went back to their area and tried to see some people before coming back to the VC and we didn't have much luck at all. But it was okay because at the VC we are in charge of also working the chats on (let me tell ya... it can be an experience and a half). I got someone who had heard that Joseph Smith had been reincarnated and had translated something called the "Last Testaments". Yeah,  so I talked that out with him and got him straightened out. At first I thought it was a joke, but then we had a super great conversation about the Book of Mormon and how we can come to know of the truth for ourselves! It ended good :) Oh and I forgot! When we came in at 3pm Sister Afeakhis cousins were there (she'sTongan) and they were hilaaarious!! It was three guys and one of their sisters and they ended up singing for us and it was amaaazing!!! So much fun! 

Friday: Sister Pulido and I had VC in the morning (9am-3pm). It was pretty slow, but two of Sister Pulidos friends from Utah dropped by so it was fun to meet them! That evening we had a lesson with Diana and set a time for her baptism for 5:00. We also tried to see a man we had met the week before and he answered and we taught him the restoration! His name is Miguel and he lives with his two kids and wife. The wife doesn't seem too interested... she will come around... but he is awesome and super willing to learn more!!

Thursday: We had VC in the afternoon (3pm-9pm) but we saw Jesus!!!! The same Jesus that dropped us a couple months back!!!! Okay, so he texted on Monday, out of the blue and said "Hey so I have been thinking a lot and I think I want to give Baptism another chance.".... AHHH it was crazy!!! So Friday was the second time we saw him. He is now in the Elders area for the YSA but they wanted to have us meet all together for a better transition. We talked a lot about prayer, scripture reading and church. In the middle of the lesson one of our Zone Leaders asked him for some water so he went inside and then we all started talking really fast to figure things out (hahah it was super funny) I told them they needed to set a Baptismal date with him.  They were too scared to do it hahahha... so I did it! May 9th for him as well!! 

Wednesday: We had VC in the afternoon again so we went to see Laura. (It is  hard to see people in the morning when we work at the  VC in the afternoon because no one is usually home before 3. They are all working.) But we got to see Laura! She is doing really well and so is the Baby! We talked with her about Family prayer and temples and she said that she is looking to come to church next Sunday! (The doctors are having her be super careful with the baby but it looks like things are good enough for her to finally come!) 

Tuesday: We had VC in the morning and we met a young man who came in with his skater friend. The friend had taken lessons before and was just walking around taking pictures so I tried talking to his friend. He told me he had been possessed by the Devil of Hades for 20 years and that he was trying to find the light............ yay........... Sister Pulido and I talked to him about the Book of Mormon and even through his weird twitching he accepted to read it and pray. He left and came back 30 minutes later thanking us for helping him get rid of the demons inside him............ but then he left the Book of Mormon on the table. So, yeah it was an interesting morning! That night we saw Jesus (since he had texted Monday evening) and he told us that he had picked up smoking, smoking weed and drinking on top of that. He said he just couldn't do it anymore and that he needed to get away from his friends.  It was HUGE!!! SO EXCITED FOR HIM!!!

Monday: Pday!!! emails, shopping, writing letters, laundry, picking up dinner from our favorite family (the Phelps) and then VC! 

Anyway that has been our crazy week!!!! Love you all so much!!!!!!

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