Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dec. 9, 2014...First 'P'day post


Okay so first off, its amaaaazing here!! I love it! Getting a ride from the airport to the MTC was a little crazy but it was really cool to see just how different cultures can be even with their driving style. I was the only one in the van off the plane but I was picked up by a husband and his 7 year old daughter. His wife and son who were probably close to Carter’s age were in the van when we got there too. The little girl’s name was Natalie and she helped me kick start my Spanish skills before I got to the MTC which was perfect! 

  Uhmm,  I literally have the best companion in the world!! She is one of my halves that has just been floatin around in Texas waiting for me! Her name is Hermana Vargas. She is this cute little red headed, white girl whose parents are both Spanish soooo she can literally understand everything and she can speak super super well. She has been helping me out so much, as well as our district.

Ahhh our district is mi familia!!! Te amo mucho!! They are my family! I love them so much!! There aren’t  nearly as many girl missionaries as there are boys sooo usually a district is made up of four boy companionships and one girl. That’s how ours is but our boys are fantastic! They are all so spiritual and grateful to be here but at the same time they have their fun side. 

Okay, so Friday (my first real day here) we were told that we had to prepare to give a lesson to our first investigator. I almost crapped my pants right then and there... or I guess crapped my skirt.... anyway we got some background information on her and Hermana Vargas and I decided that we would teach her roughly that you know there is a God and he loves each and every one of us and he gives us trials not to break us down but so that we may come unto Him so that he can build us up because he has been through every little hardship that we have etc., etc. (Her parents and brother are members but she has never felt the importance or desire to listen and learn about the church until two weeks ago when she found out she had diabetes).

 Anyway we prayed probably 100 times before we had this lesson and in the end I probably babbled out two words when Hermana Vargas said everything but I haven’t felt the spirit so strong and Hermana Cruz told us the same and by the end of it we were all balling our eyes out. The last two lessons have been pretty much the same, although I have been able to say more and more each time. (Like the prayer and actually bearing my testimony!!! ahhh it’s awesome!)
 But this last lesson was incredible. All of our district was just having an off day  and we were so nervous for our lesson because we just couldn’t get anything together.    We were planning to teach her about Repentance and ask her if she would be baptized. We found out pretty quick that the Lord is the teacher and we are just his tools. All we need to do is ask (each say two prayers one in English and one in Spanish) and then He will make up for the rest. It was... words just can’t explain it. But she accepted!!! December 20th is our date!!!!!

Anyway what else?  um um um it is beautiful here. So many crazy pretty birds and we get to look out at these fantastic mountains around us with box houses that seem to just be painted on the side. (random: last night a brush fire broke out on the side of one of the mountains so everyone was pouring out of our classes and skipping dinner to watch. It died down fast though so there was no real danger.. but crazy!)

I will hopefully be able to send some pictures to you guys and maybe a video or too! I love you all so much!! I miss my little munchies and my sidekick bro!!! Hope life has been good to you cuz I know I just keep the home up and running ;) Tell me about things! Hugs! 
Hermana Cole

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