Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec. 8, 2014...Arrived!

I thought I would post the little snippet of an email that Charlie sent when she arrived in Mexico last Thursday.  Some of you have already read it.  I am stalking my email hourly looking for her first "P" day email. We don't know what day her P day is, so what is a mother to do.   Nothing yet.  I know, I need to relax!  I just can't wait to hear about how it's all going!!  

Hello! I made it to the MTC! I just arrived and this is the first thing they are having me do! The flight went well.. got a little sleep but I am still pretty tired. Customs was a breeze and they didn't even check any of my bags I just got to go through. There was a father and his daughter waiting for me and we drove the 30 or so minutes to the MTC with his wife and son as well! Love you all! Talk to you soon!!

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