Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 28, 2014...Christmas Week

Here is the latest email from Hermana Cole.  I had asked her lots of questions, so most of this is just a reply to my inquires...

Okay I got 24 emails!!!! Ahhh so crazy and it hurts my heart that I feel like I always miss stuff!!!!! I will try and touch on everything as much as I can!!!

Aaahhh I have been getting my piano fix in here after lunches and dinners!! You know how I play all the same song, but my district loves it!! Annnd I have had three elders pop their heads in at random when playing pride and predjudice and name the movie!!! hahahhaa so far only one girl has recognized it!

Yesssss sooo many christmas songgs allll day!! And we all suck cuz its in Spanish. The only ones we like are the ones with "gloria" and noel" because at least we can sign those parts!!

No christmas joy in the city... hahaha.... its too dangerous. However, we got to go to the temple today!!! It was about a half an hour drive through crazyness. It was amazing to see everything and how different it is!! The temple is closed but we got to tour the visitors center and go to the tienda they had there!! I got some goodies for my bros and sis!!!!

LOVED THE PIÑATA!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!! Thank you so so so much!!!!!!!! 

It is fun because our district decided to do a secret santa! I got Elder Young. I'll send a pic. Hermann Vargas and I went to the tienda and got socks and drew christmas stuffs on them for stockings!! We are really going all out hahah. I cannot tell you how greatful I am to have my district. I honestly know that without them I would be having such a hard time right now. They are my little spanglish speaking family here!!

The CCM (aka MTC) Is amaaaazing!!!!! It's like this little pretty oaisis in this crazy city!! Christmas day is going to be filled with lots of devotionals; a broadcast from Provo, and extended lunches and dinners!!!! Might not sound like much buuuut with our schedules it sounds amazing!!!..... BTW´s I GET TO CALL YOU AT 9:30 MY TIME!!!!!!!! Sooooo I think that is 7:30 your time! Also you can use skype!! however you won't be able to see me.. I will only be able to see you. You can do a google call if that is easier and either or goes through email.

Gym time is great. I've got Vargas doing my workouts right when we start and then we head to play volleyball with our district. We just had a suuuper intense match today against another district in our zone. We lost but all three games were sooo close!!!!! 

Ahhh I love you all!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Drink some extra apple cider for me!!!!! I can't wait to talk to you christmas day!!!!

 I miss all of you so much but know that I am doing great here and the Lord really has blessed me with not feeling home at all. I think it may be so that I can help others out. I was telling my story about Conner to another companionship that came in recently. She literally had the same thing happen to her and she is really struggling. I told her that the first two nights were really hard for me. Both family and him, but once I got down on my knees it was immediate peace. And have continued to have that same peace ever since. I know why I am here and I love this work so so much. This is our job here on earth. We cannot be the candle under the bush. We have the brightest light of all. The most precious gift above all and we can share it.

I love you I love you I love youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hermana Cole!

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