Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec. 16, 2014... Week two @ the CCM

Dec. 16th, 2014

Okay so this week has gone soo fast! Really it has! We had our last lesson with our investigator.. which we found out was not a real investigator last Wednesday. Our elders figured it out somehow soooo now she is our teacher!!... But our last lesson was amazing. We really were struggling that morning and our lesson plan just didn’t seem right and I for some reason was really freakin. We each prayed once in English and once in Spanish and then the rest was up to the Lord. It was by far our most spiritual lesson so far and only with the Lords help I was able to bear my testimony all in Spanish. Haha I knew for a fact that was not me speaking!

Thank you for the package!!!!!!!!!! It came the very next day! I freaked out because they left a note on my desk in our classroom and I came back from gym time and saw it and I was running and screaming all the way to the  post office thingy or whatever they call it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Everything was awesome.... though the pizza chip things were kinda strange.... buuut Hermana Vargas and I kinda just kept eating them.. hahahaa.

Uhmm the birds here are crazy cool. There is one kind that is neon red I kid you not. I have been trying to get a picture but they are kinda camera shy I guess! But they also have these green parrots that live up in the big palm trees that are in the picture with the CCM sign with the whole district. Ill send a picture of them too!

There are a few families living on the grounds here so there are some adoooorable little kids we get to see every now and then! They remind me of Alice and Carter a lot so its been nice to see them. 

The weather hasn't been too bad. It is a lot colder than anyone expected but it warms up in the afternoon. It keeps saying it is going to rain but no such luck! 

There was an amaaazing Christmas performance on Saturday!!! A whole bunch of the Hispanic missionaries and teachers and kids here did a whole performance! It was so cool to see some traditional dancing and hear the music. I loved it!!! I didn't have my camera with me though so I couldn't get any video or pictures but ahhhh it was so crazy cool!!!

Yesss!!!! My compeƱera is coming to Pocatello!!!!!!!! I am so so so sooo excited!!! I LOVE her!!! She is from League City Texas. Ahh, she has got me saying Yall here and there hahhaa. But basically we knew we were meant for each other when we started quoting movies annnd... yeah.... we were friends in the preexistence. She is 19 and just out of high school. TWINS!! First name, Valarie. Three brothers, two older and one younger at 8 years of age.... basically we are already planning Alice’s wedding... whaaat..!

Okay, sooo crazy how I gave my  not farewell on Faith, Hope and Charity. I cannot tell you how many lessons we have had on those and how many scriptures I have come across that talk about all three. Hahah, I just feel like I was soo inspired hahha (insert winkey face)

Any way Love you all so so so much!!!! Besos y Brazos!!!!!!!! 

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